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Hello Olivian

How to Win High Ticket Clients.

Today's note is based off of a popular post I made in the Facebook group SEO Signals Lab in January of this year. These were some of the reactions:
I'm going to walk you through what I do when pitching high ticket clients and show you how to have fewer clients and more revenue. I'm also going to share a recent thread I came across where a Pepsi executive shared her thoughts on pitching big brands. Sound good? See More.

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Earn PR links at Scale with Search Intelligence!

Read the case study.
Learn how Search Intelligence created one catchy headline that earned their client over 20 amazing links.

In the video, Fery will take you through campaign from start to finish See More.

Read the Full Case Study 👇

Read the case study.

Hire Ukrainian SEOs 🇺🇦 

My Facebook friend Olesia Korobka started a wonderful initiative to help promote Ukrainian SEO Talent.

Ukraine has a vibrant SEO community and a ton of highly skilled talent. Olesia has created a spreadsheet with Ukranian SEOs who are for hire.
Please check the sheet here:
 Hire Ukrainian SEO Talent.
Back to the note: So what are some must-knows when pitching a $10k/mo+ SEO project?

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