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Hello Olivian

How to Copy Google Autosuggest and People Also Ask Fast and Easy!

Today's note is going to teach you a simple trick to make the Google autosuggest and People Also Ask copyable! You can use these to create new blog topics and supporting content for your main keywords! ...See More.

A Huge Thanks to Ahrefs for Sponsoring SEO IRL!

Sell your domain.
This past Friday I hosted 70+ SEOs in Toronto for the first ever SEO IRL! A big thanks to Ahrefs for sponsoring the event. Check out more pics here.

Based on the success of the first event, it looks like we'll do it again in the spring. If you would like to attend, feel free to drop your email over at seoirl.com and while you're at it give us a like on Facebook and Instagram.

Earn PR links at Scale with Search Intelligence!

Read the case study.
Learn how Search Intelligence landed massive DR 90 links for their client with reactive PR!

From Search Intelligence:

In the case of this client, we’ve noticed a trend in the news where journalists started writing about a shortage of Sriracha sauce in the world.

As the client who signed up one day ago was a very passionate barbecue client, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to land some good links by tapping into the extended media coverage of this topic.

What have we done to get these links?

✅ Observed the trend in the news

✅ Identified a client that can be relevant to this trend

✅ Put together a simple home-made sriracha sauce recipe 

✅ Found hundreds of journalists that cover topics related to food

✅ Sent them the recipe via an email See More.

Read the Full Case Study 👇

Read the case study.

Hire Ukrainian SEOs 🇺🇦 

My Facebook friend Olesia Korobka started a wonderful initiative to help promote Ukrainian SEO Talent.

Ukraine has a vibrant SEO community and a ton of highly skilled talent. Olesia has created a spreadsheet with Ukranian SEOs who are for hire.
Please check the sheet here:
 Hire Ukrainian SEO Talent.
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