applies to any niche, but if you're a SaaS it's money in the bank!
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Hello Olivian

Using Synonyms To Uncover New Keyword Opportunities in Google Search Console.

Today's note is going to show you a technique that I came up with out of necessity for one of my clients. The client is a B2B SaaS and to be honest, it's very hard to describe their software. The main / all encompassing keyword only gets 140 searches per month, but if you take all the different features of the software and describe them, the search volume becomes much, much larger, but how to find all of those keyword opportunities? ...See More.

It's summer sale time at Odys

Odys summer sale.
Odys Global, the premium aged domain marketplace, is running a 15% off exclusive sale campaign.  

This is a great time to grab your Odys domain if you've been eyeing it for a while.

This won't happen anytime soon.
Odys summer sale.

Earn PR links at Scale with Search Intelligence!

Take the Verblio survey.
Search Intelligence has used Office for National Statistics data to land dozens of high-tier links with this campaign about the areas in the UK with the highest energy bills.

The process was pretty simple:

✅ Went to ONS website and downloaded the latest data about the cost of household energy bills in the UK

✅ They simply sorted the list by the most / least expensive areas

✅ They also grouped the results per county, and then sorted the inner locations by highest / lowest

✅ Now, they had dozens of angles that we could pitch to both national and regional news outlets

✅ They spent many days pitching the story and relentlessly reaching out to relevant journalists

✅ Many publications picked the story up, generating us massive links in both national and regional publications!

Read the Full Case Study 👇

Read the case study.

Hire Ukrainian SEOs 🇺🇦 

My Facebook friend Olesia Korobka started a wonderful initiative to help promote Ukrainian SEO Talent.

Ukraine has a vibrant SEO community and a ton of highly skilled talent. Olesia has created a spreadsheet with Ukranian SEOs who are for hire.
Please check the sheet here:
 Hire Ukrainian SEO Talent.
Back to the note: learn how finding synonyms within your money keywords can lead to gigantic opportunities for your website!

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