two $400,000 traffic value case studies!
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Hello Olivian

My Slide Deck from the Mastermind Mansion Event in Nashville!

This past weekend I attended Mastermind Mansion in Nashville. I was a small event of about 50 people and I was one of the speakers.

For my talk, I prepared two case studies. One of them was FreshBooks and the other was an Ed Tech company. Both of them involved a verticalization strategy. I absolutely crush it with this strategy and I go into detail on what I did for these two sites in the deck. ...See More.

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Earn an average of 200 news links per story with Stacker Studio

Example results with client 👇
Learn more about Stacker Studio.
We’ve all seen the link building vendors that promise links but don’t explain how they get them. (Hmmmm, I wonder why?)

Stacker Studio is the anti-”link building” company. They earn high-quality media coverage and follow links, because their newsroom has spent years developing engaging stories that 3,000+ publishers across North America trust. 

They create newsworthy content on behalf of brands like Experian, Angi, Vivid Seats, Roofstock, and more and then distribute the stories to their proprietary network of news sites. No more manual pitching, no more paying for low-performing sponsored posts, and no more looking at delivered link reports that fill you with skepticism.

Instead, you get guaranteed earned media coverage that accelerates your organic growth. And now, Stacker Studio is offering 20% off your first story if you book a call this week. 
Read the case study.

Earn PR links at Scale with Search Intelligence!

Read the case study.
Learn how Search Intelligence landed their client a TV interview along with a slew of Digital PR links!

From Search Intelligence:

✅ We’ve used the latest available data from the U.S. Census and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), published between 2015 and 2022, for residents aged 18 and over

✅ Based on the above data, we’ve created a thorough index of the healthiest states in America 

✅ Our index ranks the country’s 51 jurisdictions based on three main pillars: 

- Lifestyle behaviour, weighing 55% of the ranking- Health status (25%)

- Available fitness infrastructure (20%)

I've personally used Fery's service and these are links you can feel good about showing to your clients. See More.

Read the Full Case Study 👇

Read the case study.

Hire Ukrainian SEOs 🇺🇦 

My Facebook friend Olesia Korobka started a wonderful initiative to help promote Ukrainian SEO Talent.

Ukraine has a vibrant SEO community and a ton of highly skilled talent. Olesia has created a spreadsheet with Ukranian SEOs who are for hire.
Please check the sheet here:
 Hire Ukrainian SEO Talent.
Back to the note: What is a verticalization strategy and what can you expect to out of them? $400,000+ traffic value for starters!

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