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Hello Olivian
Looking for actionable strategies in the dead of summer?! Then welcome to SEO Notebook Summer Edition! I’m on holiday until September, so here’s a collection of 5 notes that will keep you busy. ...See More.

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This reactive PR campaign earned free links in The Sun, Express, Cosmopolitan.

We reacted to search trends generated by the Barbie movie.

And we secured big placements in mainstream news publications.

This is how we’ve done it:
✅ We noticed that people started searching for Margot Robbie’d diet
✅ We researched the web about what her diet is
✅ We put together a guide about how people could follow her diet...Read More.
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It makes content refreshes super easy by suggesting ways to add important entities, it can cut down a 1-2 hour task into 10 minutes. I've been loving it!

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Hire Ukrainian SEOs 🇺🇦 

My Facebook friend Olesia Korobka started a wonderful initiative to help promote Ukrainian SEO Talent.

Ukraine has a vibrant SEO community and a ton of highly skilled talent. Olesia has created a spreadsheet with Ukranian SEOs who are for hire.
Please check the sheet here:
 Hire Ukrainian SEO Talent.
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